Janice Elkins is a painter in acrylics, oils and encaustic wax. She also creates collages, drawings, monoprints and intaglio. In addition, Ms. Elkins has taught painting for twelve years. Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally.

“Ideas for my art emerge from the city and nature. Sometimes I’m sparked by lines of poetry or provocative words.

I am taken with the contrasts of city: the beauty of the parks and monuments, the sadness of the deteriorating neighborhoods, the glitter of Michigan Avenue, the grittiness of industrial neighborhoods. I see the city as both ‘seductive and sinister, a site of hopeful ambition and lonely despair.’

Nature inspires me with its beauty, its dark side and the constant reminder that we are part of nature.

‘Bring me the sunset in a cup,’ a line from a poem written by Emily Dickinson inspired a recent painting, an abstraction of colors and forms suggesting a summer day.

On the other hand, the Hebrew word midbar translates to ‘the wilderness through which we wander and are made ready’ inspired a series of darkly colored evocative paintings which speak to the journey we all must take..”
Encaustic No. 5
No. 5 , encaustic on wood, 12" x 12"